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Is Music Good For Humans?
Briefly analyzing human history, at least the last five thousand years, we could say that music has been one of the most exciting and noble companions we have had. Whether to assert our existence , to acclimate epic moments that intertwine with our everyday life , to pat in the hardest moments of the way, or as the centerpiece of social movements and cultural patterns , the fact is that this exquisite product of human creativity is invariably a company almost unbeatable. Enjoy some free radio here!

It is highly probable that coincidas with the above lines , I find it hard to believe that there are unable to access a delicious communion with music humans. But in case you need some re- affirming , perhaps the position you review about some of the most distinguished thinkers of our history might help :

For example , the writer Aldous Huxley warned that " after silence, that which can better express the inexpressible is music." While Nietzsche claimed that " without music , life would be a mistake " or that her passion is self- pleased , and Beethoven announced that music is a revelation than all wisdom and all philosophy . Not only can we find inspiring statements about this glorious tool , their overflowing essence has also served to bring to life some of the most exquisite metaphors, such as one that reads: "You are the music while it lasts " , courtesy of TS Elliot , or Lao Tzu explained that when "the music of the soul can be heard by the universe."

Beyond celebrating the sweetness of music , this time I would take his glorification to a different plane , to psychology and neuroscience. Here I share some benefits, scientifically proven , that music has for us :

Reduces pain and anxiety diluted

If we start with the assertion that physical pain is partially subjective, then alter the perception of a person can change the way you experience that feeling . Music can break the repetitive sequence - stress pain - pain that sends information to the brain , and thereby significantly reduce the presence of this feeling. But it has also been proven that music acts on the opioid system in the brain , and when a person listens to music that is pleasing , that stimulus can activate the system , allowing combat the feeling of physical pain. [1 ]

Stimulates joy

Although this statement is obvious to many of us , the fact is that there is also a neural basis to explain this phenomenon . According to a study from McGill University , expose you to enjoy music that triggers the production of dopamine , a neurotransmitter that activates the same pleasure center that stimulates sexual or gastronomic experiences.

Promotes concentration

According to clinical psychologist Jonas Vaag , active member of the Nord- Trøndelag Health Trust, Norway , certain kinds of music , especially classical , and even more specifically the baroque pieces by composers such as Hendel and Bach, auxiliarán your mind to have focus and organize information more skill. Apparently surprise your mind stimulating it with a different sound when you expect, but as part of a harmonious dynamic , which helps to instantly refine brain regions responsible for attention and anticipation.

Anyway, I must confess that I personally did not require foundations neuroscientists to consummate my total commitment regarding my listening habits . But I think that continues to be exciting to see that those sublime registered throughout our lives , accompanied by music sensations bring tangible benefits and measurable , the functioning of our mind. And considering that the 'reality' , or at least a good portion of it occurs in the mindset that we weave , then we can say that music can literally help us build a better existence. And so I invite you to be their own DJ's of his life, to take charge of your own life's playlist, to know how your mind reacts to specific musical stimuli, and to take advantage of both practical way poetic , multiple sound blessings around you. Health !

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